historyThe Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering was formerly known as the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, which was established in 1972 immediately after the independence of Bangladesh, emerging as Applied Chemistry Department from its parent Dept –Chemistry. This department was established by the special ordinance of the then Premier Bangabandhu Shaikh Mujibur Rahman to produce skilled manpower and expertise for industrialization of the country which was of utmost importance and thus the establishment of this department was a milestone in the history of the development of the country.

The department is located in a very beautiful area, adjacent to the main Curzon Hall building of the University of Dhaka. This department is one of the oldest and largest departments of its kind in Bangladesh with approximately 300 undergraduate & graduate students and 30 full time teaching staffs, including 14 professors at the moment. Most of our teaching staffs have Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral training from U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Australia, Germany, former USSR, Japan, The Netherlands, India, Switzerland and China. Our professors have established world-wide reputations in their respective fields of work and have a reputation for being friendly and approachable.

This department has a unique teaching and research program. Students enrolled in this department at the University of Dhaka have access to a broad range of activities, which play a significant role in their development of mind and also enrich their overall knowledge. They have to attend theoretical lectures, practical classes, visit chemical process industries and write project reports, feasibility reports justifying techno-economical viability of the projects. The 4-year B.Sc.(Hons.) program also includes detailed study of Basic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering, Polymer Science, Nano-Technology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics, Environmental Chemistry, Computer Science, Industrial Economics, Psychology and Management etc.

about1Students of B.Sc. (Hon’s) course undergo an intensive training of four weeks at the TICI-Training Institute for Chemical Industries (A Centre of Excellence for Training on Industrial Technology & Specialized Technical Services), while students of M.Sc course have to undertake 4-weeks long internship (In-plant Training) in different chemical process industries. These give them much practical knowledge on unit operations in chemical industries.

The M.Phil. Program has duration of two years and consists of advanced courses on Chemical Technology and research on selected topics. At the end of the first year, successful candidates may be registered for the Ph.D. Program. The Ph.D. Program also requires a successful completion of 2 unit advanced theoretical courses on Chemical Technology and Chemical Engineering and requires submission of a Doctoral Dissertation after having completed preliminary successful thesis defend every year as well as success in the final viva-voce examination before the Examination Board.

The Syllabus of the department is composed of pure chemistry, chemical technology and chemical engineering. The syllabus is almost similar to that of the Chemical Engineering Department of BUET and to some extent with regards to pure chemistry & technology, even more enriched. So the re-naming of the department to: Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was done by the Dhaka University Syndicate upon the recommendation of the Committee, formed by the Faculty.

In addition to formal instruction, emphasis is placed on opportunities for personal and professional development. Besides professional development, social and sporting events are carried out. Unfortunately a place in university hall is not provided to first-year students.

It is encouraging that a considerable number (approx. 20%) of the students of this department are female.