Scope of work for the students

The students of this Department have got attractive placements in industry and academic institutions in Bangladesh and abroad. The Department is striving for stronger industry-university interactions so that many of our graduates can be absorbed there. It may be stated here that the curriculum of B.Sc. Honors and M.S. program is almost like international standard and the awarded degrees are recognized almost all over the world. Every year, a number of students graduating from this Department go abroad for higher studies and successfully obtain their degrees, either having Ph.D. degree in science or in engineering, without facing any sort of difficulties and some of them work in different universities and organizations all over the world. In Bangladesh graduates from this Department work efficiently in Universities, Colleges, different corporations like BCSIR, BCIC, Atomic Energy Commission, Petrobangla, Banks, in some reputed private sectors like Pharmaceutical industries, Textile industries, etc. In fact there is plenty of scope for the graduates of this department to build up their professional career.