Woy…… Night Hunter 2019 di Tonton ya Gaessss

Henry Cavill Races Against Time to Hunt Down a Serial Killer in Trailer for Night Hunter
In a PEOPLE exclusive look at the trailer for his new film Night Hunter, the 36-year-old actor stars as police detective Marshall who, alongside local vigilante Cooper (Sir Ben Kingsley) arrests a serial killer, Simon, targeting women.

But not everything is at it seems once the killer is in police custody. As another detective, Rachel (Alexandra Daddario) begins to question Simon, she discovers his game of targeting women is also aimed at the police investigating the case.

“You know when you’re in bed alone and the lights are off, you can’t see anything. The people I chase, they live in the dark,” Marshall says.

“I’m not surprised by what you’re up against,” Cooper tells Marshall. “The endless voice in a predator’s head that goes, ‘Do it, do it, do it.’”

As detectives rush to stop Simon’s plan, Rachel warns him, “This is not a game.”

“It is and you can never get away,” he tells her.

The film also stars Minka Kelly, Stanley Tucci, Nathan Fillion, Brendan Fletcher and Emma Tremblay.

Night Hunter premieres on DIRECTV on Aug. 8 and will be in theaters and On Demand Sept. 6.

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